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  • First close of the second Agri-Vie Fund

    Agri Vie Investee

    In February 2017, the first close of the second Agri-Vie Fund was announced. The fund will be focused on the food and agribusiness sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • "Going beyond aid" Breakfast-seminar 14/2 at 08.00

    Justin lin

    Justin Lin, former chief economist, World Bank, speaks about how the successful economic transformation of countries like China has forced a change in the way we think about aid and development.

  • Arise set to accellerate financial growth in Africa


    On February 2nd, Arise was launched in Cape Town. Arise is a collaborative partnership between Norfund, FMO and Rabobank and will play a pivotal role in advancing the financial sector in Africa.

  • Ghana welcomes Norfund

    Minister Hon Mr Ibrahim Mohammed Awal welcomes Norfund to Ghana and promises consultations with the business community over policy and conditions.

  • 20 years of Investing in Development


    Norfund was established in 1997. Since then Norfund has contributed to building sustainable businesses in poor countries and thereby promoted growth and poverty reduction.

  • Paradoksenes tidsalder (Article by Roland 17.10.16, in Norwegian)

    Nullam tincidunt adipiscing enim

    Paradoksenes tidsalder er en verden med overlikvide markeder og renter nær null her hjemme, og høye renter, desperat mangel på kapital, og muligheter til lønnsomme investeringer i fattige land, en verden hvor politisk risiko før var knyttet til investeringer i fattige land, men i dag i økende grad oppleves i Vesten.

  • Arise

    Arise is an company established by Norfund, FMO and Rabobank together for supporting growth in Africa through investments in African financial institutions.

  • Successful Hattha Kaksekar sold to Thai-based bank

    In January 2016 Norfund signed an agreement together with other shareholders to sell all shares of Cambodia’s fourth-largest microfinance institution, Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL), to the top tier bank in Thailand with a clear leadership position in consumer banking Bank of Ayudhya. This purchase might be the biggest deal in Cambodia’s financial sector history.

Norfund in Media

Må se de store linjene

02.02.2017 Bistandsaktuelt

Norfund og KLP investerer i små solenergianlegg for husholdninger i Afrika og Asia 


Ghana welcomes Norfund


Går glipp av muligheter (Roland i


AFZ ramps up production

02.01.2017 Daily News

Bistand mot fattigdom
14.12.2016, Vårt Land

En revolusjon i tenkning om bistand ( Norfund kronikk i Bistandsaktuelt og Vårt land)

Skal overvåke treplanting
19.11.2016 Dagsavisen


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