Across Forest AS

  • Region: Latin America
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Sector: Food and agribusiness
  • Year: 2012
  • Domicile: Norway
  • Instrument: Loan
  • Commitment (MNOK) as of 31.3.2017: 1.8
  • Original Commitment (MNOK): 1.8

Across Forest AS plants and operates teak plantations on deforested and downgraded pastureland in Nicaragua through its subsidiaries. The work is arranged through a Shared Benefit Agreement with local landowners, normally farmers. The landowners share the revenues that are generated from sale of carbon credits and from the sale of timber derived from the plantations.

As of 31 December 2014, the company had 35 employees and planted 345ha of teak.

Norfund - The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries

Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4
N-0160 Oslo