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As a publicly-owned body, Norfund is accountable to a wide range of stakeholders, including the Government and the public. Norfund, therefore, aims to provide accurate information to all its stakeholders and other interested parties about its activities and investments. 

How to use the investment table: 

The green filter can only be used to search investments that Norfund has made directly.

If you want to see investments that Norfund has made indirectly (through funds or platform companies), please click on the relevant country within the table (ex Kenya) or on the relevant fund/ company (ex Arise).

Original commitment is defined as the value of Norfund's total commitment in NOK.

Commitment as of 31.03.2017 is for loans defined as the value of the remaining balance. For equity investments, it is defined as the sum of the disbursements (historical cost) + today's value of the remaining commitment.

More information about the forms of capital provided by Norfund is available here.



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Investment Country Sector Year Domicile Instrument Original commitment (MNOK)
Abacus Regional Financial services 2007 None 11.9
African Century Nampula Mozambique Other industrial partnerships 0 Mozambique Equity 5.1
Agri-Vie II Regional Food and agribusiness 0 Mauritius Fund 128.6
Family Bank Limited Kenya Kenya Microfinance 2010 None 18.0
Future and Hope Global Manufacturing 2001 None 1.7
Genomar Philippines Food and agribusiness 2000 None 20.5
GrameenPhone Bangladesh Communication 2004 None 65.2
Green Resources AS Tanzania Food and agribusiness 2003 None 4.0
Interkraft Nepal AS (BPC) Nepal Energy 2003 None 3.0
Jambo Roses Uganda Food and agribusiness 2002 None 0.4
Jiffy Kenya AS Kenya Manufacturing 2001 None 3.0
Maxi Vigas Paraguay Manufacturing 0 None 12.8
Micro Africa Ltd. Kenya Microfinance 2006 None 4.9
Pan Fish Shanghai China Manufacturing 2003 None 0.5
Pan Marine Qingdao China Food and agribusiness 2002 None 20.9
Scatec Rumuturi PDF Kenya Energy - solar 2015 Kenya 12.3
Verde Beef Processing Ethiopia Food and agribusiness 2017 United Kingdom Equity 63.5

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